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Below are some of Michael's favorite resources for all things breath, wellness and more.

"Breath" by James Nestor. This New York Times best-seller is an excellent book on breathing with an entire chapter titled “Less” devoted to Konstantin Buteyko’s work and the importance of breathing less.

"Oxygen Advantage" and "Breathing Cure" by Patrick McKeown. Patrick McKeown is the successor to Konstantin Buteyko in the West and both of these books provide excellent detailed information on the health consequences of overbreathing and the application of the Buteyko method.

"Restoring Prana" by Robin Rothenberg.

Grounded in the yogic teachings, this text introduces the Buteyko breathing method as a more contemporary way of understanding the original intention of pranayama.

Sleep strips, mouth tape

Children's myotape.

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What is Buteyko Breathing?

Buteyko (pronounced Bu-tay-ko) is a breathing technique that promotes nose-breathing and reducing the amount of air taken in while inhaling.

For example, many people with breathing problems tend to respond to everyday situations such as walking uphill or talking on the telephone by automatically breathing more than is necessary. This is called over-breathing or hyper-ventilating.

The Buteyko exercises provide you with the skills to be able to breathe correctly in these situations, and this prevents the development of a vicious cycle of over-breathing which can result in breathlessness, wheezing or coughing.

Buteyko breathing was developed in the 1950s by a Ukrainian physiologist named Konstantin Buteyko, who believed that numerous illnesses were caused by hyperventilation or a chronically increased respiration rate.

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