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“The more subtle our breath is, the more peaceful our mind and body will be.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh 

Meditation, particularly reduced breathing meditation, can help balance the mind/body connection, easing suffering and healing the mind and body.  By focusing on the physiological cause of the dysfunctional thinking that creates anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, which is the lack of oxygen in the brain, meditators can make rapid progress into understanding the nature of the mind.


Since this oxygen deficiency is caused by loss of carbon dioxide due to over-breathing, my goal is to teach my clients techniques designed to reprogram the brain to automatically breathe subtly. This will dramatically reduce the volume of negative thinking. This is imperative because commonly taught cognitive techniques do not work well when the volume of negative thoughts is overwhelming.  


My approach is based on the idea that you hold wisdom that you need inside yourself, and I merely teach techniques that will help you uncover the wisdom that you already have. This is very different than the approach used in psychotherapy where the therapist is an authority figure and there is a huge power differential between therapist and client. 

Email me with any questions you may have, or to get started in improving your mental health journey.

In-person meditation classes are held weekly at Peace in the Forest on Tuesday mornings at 10am and Thursday evenings at 7pm.  Peace in the Forest is located at 701 N. Main St., near downtown Wake Forest.  Find out more and sign up here

I offer a guided meditation with my wife, Amy, twice a week at Peace in the Forest.  She opens the class with a gentle mind-body centering and I share a guided meditation lasting about 45 minutes.

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Recently, after nearly nine years of meditation, I experienced Insight. Although I have been informally teaching meditation to friends and family for the last five years, I decided to step into the arena and teach to the public. 

My teaching is informed primarily by the Tao, Zen, Dzogchen and Mahamudra, but I do not claim any lineage. I have had no formal teachers, and I am, as they say in Zen, “self-certified.”  

In my heart of hearts, I am Taoist, and I believe that if you relax, the Tao will carry you to Completion. 

I teach what has been described as the direct way, or the sudden way. It is described in the ancient Chinese classic, “The Secret of the Golden Flower.” 

The way that I proscribe is different than mindfulness as it is usually taught. I describe a path of direct Insight into the nature of Reality as it is, right now. This method allows practitioners to quickly and effortlessly enter profound states of Awareness. 


I think the best reason to meditate is because you enjoy meditating, and so I teach a method that makes meditation immediately enjoyable, leapfrogging over more difficult early stages of meditation. Sometimes I describe it as the Easy Way to meditate. 

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